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    地址101 Ma''an Road, Tong''an Centralized Industrial Zone, Xiamen, Fujian

    About us

    Wuling iron (xiamen) machinery co., LTD. Is an industrial company integrating r&d, manufacturing, sales and service. 10 years, siderite have innovation, and constantly reforming technology, improve product performance, service customers at home and abroad with high quality intelligent equipment, professional manufacturing for thermal transfer film, nameplate, membrane switch, flexible printed circuit board, IMD high accuracy requirement of intelligent screen printing equipment. Currently has a variety of specifications of the automatic screen printing machine, tunnel type printing machine, automatic feeder, automatic feeder, automatic rewinding machine, automatic product checking machine, automatic correction automatic rewinding electric airsick, name plate punching system, etc., and can according to customer's need for non-standard design.
    "The reward of heaven, the reward of the business," he always believed that how far an enterprise can go depends on how much demand we can meet our customers and how much new value we can create.
    Development history:
    2003: the company was established, the product positioning is high precision, automatic screen printing screen printing press and supporting equipment. In the same year, we developed the first domestic lta-350 full-automatic printing press and internal cycle 30 meter oven, which was the good feedback of the market.
    In 2004: accept customized developed the LTA - 460 aircraft, in the silk screen printing on the effective area biggest volumes, become the domestic leading level, and to apply the aircraft expand machine industry, printing materials can be printed the thinnest thickness to 0.025 mm.
    In 2006: the first of the industry is to introduce effective bake length of 60 meters, four sides heating, constant temperature oven, and exclusive first use of environmentally friendly insulation insulation cotton, ensure the temperature in the oven is balanced, more energy conservation and environmental protection.
    In 2007, the oven can be developed in a hot oven with more than 200 degrees, which can be used to bake up to 80 meters. In the same year, we developed a fully automatic printing equipment for reverse feeding process and participated in the printing equipment exhibition at home and abroad.
    2008: accept the domestic IMD air conditioning panel industry customer custom-developed the 50120 model, the machine has a valid area of 500 * 1200mm, and the ability to obtain the coil material printing technique to introduce the large panel industry.
    2009: in the printing technology again breakthrough, developed the 5570 machine platform, and introduced the electronic eye tracking printing network positioning technology and vacuum drawing technology. In the same year, it obtained the export rights of the country and became a special foreign trade department, and developed overseas markets. In the same year, the company passed the certification of ISO9001 quality system.
    In 2010: field trip through foreign clients, with siderite own good technology and strict quality consciousness coming in from Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, orders, which laid a foundation for further expand overseas markets.
    In 2011: set up after-sales service offices in shenzhen, henan and suzhou. Once again, the oven technology has been broken, and the automatic rectifying function and uniform rolling function are developed to ensure the consistency of the time of the material in the oven.
    In 2012, the company moved to the industrial zone of tongan, with a new new factory, expanding the production area to more than 3,000 square meters, and adding advanced precision processing equipment to ensure the precision of processing parts.
    In 2013: the maximum width of the coil press was exceeded, the 7050 machine was developed, the maximum effective printing width was 700mm, the maximum printing area was 700 * 500mm.
    In 2014: so far, ling iron of various specifications of up to more than 40 kinds of printing, and form a complete set of equipment, better service for customers to provide quality, suzhou factory at present in the planning of the positive, is expected to be put into use this year.
    Future: siderite will set up offices in many areas of the country in succession, in order to perfect after-sales service and guarantee the timeliness, convenience, and constant innovation, to create a more satisfied customers, equipment, innovative spirit, adhere to strict quality requirement do one hundred enterprise, make a heart for screen printing industry.

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    Address: Xiamen city in fujian province deep concentrated industrial zone horse An road 101

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